Saturday, May 28, 2011

**UPDATED** Joyce Family Memorial Weekend Camping Trip Exravaganza

When I sent out an email to the Joyce family seeing what everyone was doing for Memorial Weekend and suggesting we meet up North at the Joyce property for a little family camping trip. . . . I didn't think EVERYONE would want to go?!?!Grandma and Grandpa Joyce own 14 acres (a portion of family land from the Joyce homestead) waaaaay up in Northern Washington, like 5 miles from Canada Northern Washington.

What's better than camping out in the woods with family, right?!?

No Trespassing sounds meaner in a foreign language.
Well, the trip didn't start off so hot for Brian and I.
Friday, while we should have been heading North and meeting up with everyone else to help set up camp, instead - Brian was working and I was sitting in urgent care waiting to see a Doc!
My cold had grown into a monster and I had such a bad sore throat I could barely speak or eat!
But I knew if I left my family in the woods alone and didn't make it up there with the rest of them, that they would hang me by my toenails as soon as they had the chance!

Friday was a drizzly day. . . but they got camp set up just fine without us.Saturday
So early Saturday morning, Brian, Trooper and I headed North, and as you can see from the picture above, by the time we reached camp Saturday afternoon, the clearing was pretty well packed with campers, so we set up our tent in the meadow.
We played, we worked. . . .We visited and caught up with family that we don't get to see all that often.We were all pretty tuckered out by the end of the day!
Morning Meeting and fellowship as a family.
Nap Time

Paintball WarsPaintball came to a SCREECHING end when my sister got popped in the eye, all the way up in the observation tower! You can read her harrowing account of the ordeal here.Nothing like some FOOD to get this family settled down again!
A BIG thank you to my Aunt Brenda and Aunt Diane for making sure we all stayed full!This picture sums up my camping experience while sick - it was for the dogs! :)Monday
A BIG Family Photo and time to break camp and say our goodbyes!
We only had a few minor incidents during the weekend: Uncle Gary got popped in the eye with some wood shrapnel, Aunt Diane got her arm caught in the mix of an altercation with the dogs and of course, Bethany's near blinding. But what's a family gathering without a few wrenches thrown in there?!?

I think we all had fun for the most part, the main thing was that Grandma and Grandpa really enjoyed themselves and loved that we were all able to spend time together on the family property! Our Memorial Weekend was definitely memorable!
Until next time!

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Donna and Jim said...

Oh no. What happened? I've been wishing I was hanging out with all the Joyce this weekend.