Monday, October 3, 2011

An Anniversary Adventure on the McKenzie River

**A little back story**
This year, for our anniversary - I planned us a weekend away at a hot springs. It's always something I've wanted to do and I found a NON resorty place where we could tent camp and be outdoorsy and all that fun stuff.
Our actual anniversary was Tuesday, and I had planned our weekend away for that Friday-Sunday. Unfortunately, Brian was still busy with work and we had to bump our trip a week so that he could finish up.

Well - let's just say - moving the trip a week caused our weekend away to go from -PERFECT- to -NOT SO PERFECT.-

We still had fun, but it didn't turn out exactly as I had planned originally.
**Anyway - Back to the trip**

This poor guy new he wasn't coming with us, and he was NOT happy about that!
Trooper stayed at home with his Auntie Bethany, who graciously offered to dog sit for us.
That is one thing that worked out nicely!
Awww, sad puppy watching his parents leave him behind.

We stopped along the way, at Papa Al's in Mill City for a burger. . .
unfortunately NOT as good as it was last time we had it.
This was a total bummer.
Stopping for a hamburger on the way caused us to arrive at Belknap a tad later than we had hoped. Nothing like wheeling your belongings into the woods and setting up a tent as its getting dark!
You heard me right, we had to WHEEL BARROW all our gear 1/2 mile into the wood to our tent site. The (drive in) site I had reserved (the weekend before) wasn't available.
Our new site worked out well though (once we found the source of the DISGUSTING odor that kept us up all night, and we had it removed)!
The tent sites were on the opposite side of the river from the Hot Spring Lodge.
View from across the river.
We spent Saturday morning exploring the grounds of Belknap. . .

Some fun statues around the grounds. . .
And beautiful "secret" gardens that were changing their colors for fall.
After a quick lunch - we headed out into the wilderness to do some hiking.
We explored SAHALIE and KOOSAH Falls. . .
The water was moving so fast and was SO blue!

. . . and we also hiked around Clear Lake.
But not before checking the oil, of course.
(Most expensive bottle of motor oil we ever bought - thanks to Clear Lake Lodge.)

:: Tiny Bridges ::
:: Huge Trees!! ::
Clear Lake lives up to its name!
We got rained on Saturday night, when they said 40% chance, they meant it this time.
We ate breakfast as it drizzled and got packed up. . . .
Everything was a muddy mess by the time we had it all wheeled out to the car!
It wasn't perfect, but it was an adventure and we had fun!
(So what if the pipe carrying the spring water into the soaking pool broke and it was more of a luke warm spring.)
We made the most of it and we left smiling . . . signs of a good time together!
Happy Three Year Anniversary, Babe!
(I'll let you plan the next anniversary trip!)

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Shana said...

Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like it was quite the adventure...!! At least this won't be an anniversary you'll forget!! :)