Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

Phew! Another busy but FUN weekend!

Max and Amanda came over from Boise for a quick visit,

we were so happy to see them and to be able to spend time together!

Friday night after Brian and I got off work, Max and Amanda met us out our place and the first thing out of Max's mouth was that we had to have dinner at Wong's King Chinese restaurant!

We didn't argue with that!

Wong's King is THE BEST authentic Chinese food restaurant EVER.

Go there - order the orange chicken. Don't ask questions. You WILL NOT be disappointed.

We had taken Max & Amanda here to eat almost TWO years ago and apparently Max has been craving it since.


We got up at a decent time, Brian and I made breakfast burritos at home and then we headed out for a day of meandering down town.

The Cinco de Mayo festival was happening down on the waterfront and we had seen on the website that there was going to be real Mexican wrestling - a la Nacho Libre! Of course we had to go check that out!The "real Mexican wrestlers" were more like overweight, white guys in spandex-

but we were entertained nonetheless!

After we had our fill of the Luchalibres, we just HAD to hit up the food carts -

if you haven't heard about the food carts in Portland - they're a pretty big deal.

We stuffed ourselves at the food carts, meandered around downtown, got Max some Stumptown (or as he calls it, Stumpjumer) Coffee, then headed back home to relax - but only for a second!

Because then it was time for dinner!

We had to share the goodness of our local donut shop -Annie's Donuts - and Max & Amanda had to agree, that IS maybe THE BEST maple bar ever.

We had a lovely Sunday morning meeting together and then Max and Amanda had to take off to head back home.

We said our goodbyes, and were sad to see them go - but we could mope around long, we had a mother's day lunch to prepare!Smoked Ribs : scalloped potatoes : green salad : fruit salad : beans : biscuits : apple crisp

(Needless to say, we ate a ton this weekend.)We missed you Bethers!

:: Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as we did! ::

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