Monday, May 16, 2011

Another BUSY Weekend

I don't know what my problem is - but I am THE worst at remembering to take pictures right now!

With the weather being a tad nicer these last few days- we've kicked it into high gear - spending time outside, getting projects started/finished and just generally being busy Busy BUSY!

I was triple booked on Saturday and have NO pictures to show for it.
I am so ashamed, my sister is going to be appalled when she reads this!

Saturday morning I drove into Newberg to help my mom with some house cleaning. She is moving and us kids were summoned to go through all our JUNK/stuff that we had left around her house. Bethany talks about it here on her blog.

Then around noon I raced (at the speed limit) back home to attend a Surprise 80th bday for Louis Wicks! She was definitely surprised, I was a tad concerned - aren't surprise birthday parties at that age a bit of a liability?! :)

Saturday evening Brian and I hosted a "Dinner for Grown-Ups," for a few couples in the field that don't have kids yet (there are fewer and fewer of us). The funny thing was, one of the couples brought their dog to play with Trooper and it WAS LIKE there were two kids running around the whole time! Plus we talked about the dogs the whole time like they WERE kids! HA!

Another great weekend full of family and friends!

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