Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bracket Champion?!

So. . . I won the college basketball bracket pool this year! HA!
Who picked UConn to miraculously win it all?
I wish I had taken a photo of the whole group, but you have to believe me. . . there's quite a group of us in the pool and most of us got together tonight at Flying Pie Pizzeria to celebrate another fun year of college basketball.

I was awarded a trophy and everything!
(I, of course had to make a shirt appropriate for the occasion, and YES, I am wearing a tiara that says "Queen.")

Me and my hunny were the "Bookend" Couple of the Bracket.
I came in first, and he came in dead last.
Good thing he's such a great sport, the guys were really giving him a hard time about that!
Everyone always has a lot of fun - and college basketball is always so unpredictable!
Here's to next year!
(And hopefully a REPEAT for me!)


Aimee said...

Impressive pick! Way to go and way to keep a the balance - celebrating a sports win with a tiara :)

DoRe' said...

Love the tiara; we've got a few tiara-wearers in this household (don't tell Daniel I shared his little secret. :-9).

We picked up Costco's Canon Rebel T2i kit, which included an extra lens, as well as the usual whatever-else-they-could-stuff-in-the-box. :) So far, so good; my skills definitely need some help, but this camera makes it a little easier.

Have a great weekend!