Monday, March 28, 2011

A Weekend Trip to Washington

On Saturday, we left this cutie with my dad. . .

. . .loaded these two up in the mini-van and we all headed north.

Brian and Grandma and Grandpa and I met my uncle Dave and aunt Diane (sorry no picture) at Cabelas. We all had lunch together, we checked out all the animal displays, then we passed off the grandparents who went home with Dave and Diane while Brian and I headed west.

We crossed this Bridge. . .

and pulled into Bremerton for a couple of days with these crazy kids

and to celebrate Bethany's 25th Birthday!

Josh planned a fun night out!

A group of us went to out to this place, a dueling piano bar. . .

Dinner was decent, company was great, the place had potential- but would we go back? No.

(Don't ask.)

Me and my beautiful sister!

Me and my gorgeous hubby!

A bunch of fun couples:

:: Esther & Bradley ::

:: Kyle & Sharman ::

:: Micah & Bruce ::

It was so great to finally meet Bethany's Washington "family."

Love :: Love :: Love

We can't wait to head back up and look forward to spending time in Port Orchard and some of those other cute Victorian towns off the Sound.

Love you Bethers!


Bethany Raelene said...

Thanks for coming up! Let's do it again soon! (Without certain parts, obviously! haha)Love you!

DoRe' said...

Nice to meet you two, too! :)