Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mari Goes to Washington

ALSO regarding the "bad timing" situation I've mentioned a few times previously - the next Monday - the Monday after the Friday we got Trooper, the Monday after the weekend in Newport - I GOT/HAD to head to Washington, D.C. for work training for an entire week.
Needless to say, I had a lot on my mind and a lot I'd rather be doing then bumming around DC with strangers for a week.
But, you do what you have to, right?
I flew out east on Monday and classes started first thing Tuesday.
Class went all day, and then we had the evenings to find places to eat and to walk around.
Unfortunately, by the time class was over and we went back to the hotel to change - the museums and other attractions were generally closed.

I managed to wander around and hit a few of the hot spots though.
This is the GIGANTIC metro station where we caught the "train" to go everywhere.
The U.S. Capitol Building is HUGE!
This is my friend Carla from Minnesota.
She was in my class. We were buddies this trip and it was nice to have someone to walk around the city with.
The Supreme Court Building and the Library of Congress.
All these building are amazingly beautiful and they looked awesome all lit up at night!
Another evening - we went out RIGHT after class and walked through downtown and around The National Mall for 3 hours!
There were lots and lots of statues and fountains.
The World War II Memorial
Looking back at the Washington Monument from the WWII Memorial
The Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial = opposite ends of the Reflecting Pool
Throwing a SHAKA for Josh and Bethany inside the Lincoln Memorial
We even found the White House
The White House is fairly small compared to the grandeur of the other buildings around it, but it is one of the oldest buildings in D.C.
Ford's Theatre = where President Lincoln was assassinated in 1865.
The city has grown up all around this little theater and it seems quite out of place these days.
This is what you feet look like after walking around downtown Washington, D.C. for three hours in FLIP FLOPS! Cute, I know.
When I head back out to D.C. for Part II of my work training I hope to be able to have a free day to maybe to some tours or maybe meet up with Marissa and Peter Brown!

For now, it's GREAT TO BE HOME with my boys!


MrsRitzB said...

We would love that! Let us know when you'll be around again!

Bethany Raelene said...

Bahahaha! That shaka just made my day! Did the city seem different from the middle school trip? I wanna go back!