Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A BUSY Weekend : Let's Re-cap

Friday August 6th @ 4:30pm - Brian picks me up from work for a quick bite to eat. . .
then it's straight to my cousin Jessica's wedding that starts at 7pm.

Saturday morning, we're up early to get some project done around the house - chopping wood, building a bird condo, etc. . .
3pm rolls around it's time to shower and head downtown
to meet some good friends at The Bite of Oregon - We stayed at The Bite way too long (until 8pm), but had a blast with Mark and Stacy. . .

This however made us late to a celebratory work barbecue that had started at 4!! Luckily the work barbecue was still in full swing when we arrived and didn't slow down until after 11p!

Then Sunday it was up and at em early for church, a quick lunch then down to Keizer for a funeral and back up to Hubbard for another barbecue with friends!

Phew! What a weekend!

We sure know how to pack it all in don't we?!

**SIDE NOTE** This is my 200th Post! Thanks for following along friends!

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