Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sprucing Up the Kitchen at Saginaw

(more pics coming soon)
Brian and I headed down to the Saginaw convention grounds with Ben and Mindy Bechdolt to help Linda Griffith (and Scott and Ellen) with this BIG project. . .The kitchen hadn't been painted in 20+ years, so it was time to get it all spruced up!

By the time we arrived on the grounds, the prep work was pretty much done.

A wonderful and HARDWORKING crew had already cleaned the place from top to bottom and the masking was pretty much complete.

We finished masking things off Friday morning, painted all day Friday. . .

and the boys finished up the painting Saturday morning.

Everyone worked very hard!

Or, hardly worked? :)

They might have gotten more paint on themselves then on the walls! Everything looks brand new!

And since we got finished so quickley on Saturday,

there was plenty of time for the boys to play (in the mud)!

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