Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sister Time + Flowers +Crafts = So Much Fun!!

Bethany was down this weekend and we took a little trip to the Portland Nursery,
I had quite a list of beauties to buy, but we decided to pick just a few this trip.
Just a few adds up quick though!
The wagon - with my haul!
::Bethany being silly in the yarrow:
::Pretty flower pictures by Bethany::
Laying them out for planting!
So much fun and they look so good in the new flower beds!
Then, in the evening, we broke out the scrapbook paper
and the ModgePodge to work some magic.
Wood letters from Joann's, a little spray paint, scrapbook paper, all covered in ModgePodge and. . . WaLa!
The perfect filler for that annoying space on the mantle.
Flowers, Crafting and Sister time!
That makes for a great weekend!

::Update - The boys didn't have near as much fun as we did,
they didn't even see any signs that the bears were up and about yet::


KatieB said...

LOVE the letters! What a grat idea!
Can't wait to see photos of the completed flower beds!

sleepoutside said...

Can you help me do ModgePodge? I want to make switchplate covers, do you think that MP would be durable enough for all the handling that a light switch gets? Very cool.