Monday, April 19, 2010

Guys & Dolls

Saturday night I drove into Newberg to help my mom out at this years' big Rotary Fundraiser Auction. The theme was "Speakeasy". . . I had no idea what that meant so, of course, I referred myself to Wikipedia. The auction committee did a wonderful job with the decorations and captured the theme perfectly!
The stage where the auctioneer stood was set up like a old bar.
A local artist did a lot of the artwork.
I went FLAPPER and mom went GANGSTER. My outfit a-la Goodwill didn't turn out too bad and mom looked great in her black pinstripe suite!
Some of the old-timers even drove their old cars to help set the mood!
There were a ton of great outfits and it was fun to see everyone getting into the spirit of things!

Came to find out, this dashing couple pictured above,
are good friends with my Aunt Kim and Uncle Jim!
Dr. Kern, the doctor that delivered me was there. . .
he saw me and said, "MARI SUE! Is that YOU!?" It was neat to run into some familiar faces!
We were on our feet all night and were exhausted by the time things closed down,
but at least we had fun and it was for a good cause!

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Bethany Raelene said...

Thanks for helping Mom, she REALLY appreciated it! I'm sorry I wasn't there. Your outfits are FANTASTIC. (Thanks for helping Mom with that too!) I think you need to host another costume party. :-D