Friday, September 11, 2009

A Quick Trip to California

My good friend from high school, Mark Pekarek got hitched this weekend!
Brian and I thought it might be fun to road trip it down to central California for the festivities.
MIGHT being the operative word here.
Before we even got on the freeway, some last minute car maintenance was necessary.
We didn't leave as early as we had planned, but finally we were on the road!

I drove the first leg. . . Brian just tanned HIS legs.

We couldn't believe how LOW the water was in Lake Shasta!
Here are some pictures I attempted to take as we drove by.

Of course, our first stop (besides rest areas) HAD to be In-N-Out!
The closest one to the Oregon border is in Redding, CA on Dana Road, and we stopped for a late lunch/early dinner!
We had been looking forward to this little treat for a while!
Pretty Field of Rice
A beautiful northern California Smogset- I mean Sunset!
We pulled in to Livermore, CA at about 9:oo p.m. Friday night and went straight to bed!
:: Saturday, September 12, 2009 ::
Martinelli's Center, 5:oo p.m.

Grant and Susan Rider, and Susan's son Mark, the groom!

[Fun fact: my dad with to High School with Susan, I went to HS with Mark,
so we've all known each other for a very long time.]
Here comes the Bride, Stacy!
The Kiss

Awwww, they did it!!

Mark's sister April and her husband Matt.
Me and Mark's mom Susan.
The first dance.

:: Stacy, Mark, Me and Brian ::

Grant and the rest of the gang were dancing up a storm!
Susan and Grant
Mother::Son & Father::Daughter Dance

Cutting the delicious cake!

Flip Flops for those who couldn't dance in their heels any longer!
These were THE BEST idea ever!
Making their get-away in a sea of sparklers!

Grant was so excited!
And. . . one more stop at In-N-Out to end the night!
It was a quick weekend full of TONS of driving, good times with Friends and of course, plenty of In-N-Out to last us until next time.

Congrats Mark & Stacy!
We had a great time, but we're flying next time we come down!

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MrsRitzB said...

I'm so jealous you had In-N-Out!!! I miss that place somethin' terrible!