Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mr. Wilson turns 30!

Our good friend, and fairly close neighbor, Corey Wilson had a birthday.
His lovely wife, Danica planned a pleasant surprise for her hubby.

A whole slew of us gathered at the Wilson's house, unbeknownst to Corey,
and prepared the place for a party!
Brian on the look-out!
As always, Mrs. Wilson was the hostess with the most-est!
She made a delicious chocolate/mocha cake that was promptly devoured. . .
once the candles were blown out, of course!
Mr. Wilson trying out his presents!

Party Animals!

Happy Birthday Corey!
We hope each year is better than the last!


Danica said...

These are great photos - and as always you are the best story-teller! Thanks so much for all your help (and flattery). =)

Shana said...

Wow! Corey turned 30! Hummm, since I'm even older than him I guess that means we're all growing up, right! :) Looks like a fun time!