Monday, August 17, 2009

Yard Work Debacle - Part IV

Brian and I knew we wanted raised flower beds in the back yard for looks and to hold future yummy fruits and veggies.  
It was Brian who had the grand vision to use cinder blocks instead of wood for the beds.

At your local hardware/"Do It Yourself" store, these suckers will cost you up to $1.50 a piece.  We scoured other resources and found a pile-o-blocks on for $1 a block, and we figured that was as good of a price as we were going to find.

Of course, I enlisted Dad and Grandpa to help, since they have the big-ol-truck!
Thanks guys!!
Remember the plywood wall??  
That's the NEXT project, we have to get the chimney rebuilt before winter weather sets in!
Getting down to business!

It took a couple of days to get the blocks all laid out.  We had to make sure they were fairly level and then we mortared some of the joints together so that the blocks will stay put once we add the dirt.

I love how it turned out!!  
It really makes the back yard look clean with the square lines.
Brian even says he'll let me plant herbs and flowers in the smaller holes in the front blocks.  I can't wait until next Spring!

We'll wait until next planting season to add the dirt and all that, but Brian and I can't wait until we are able to walk out back and pick fresh fruits and veggies from our raised beds!

Another project done!

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