Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jam'n & Can'n

Char Weeda and I, for whatever reason, got really excited the other day about the idea of making our own freezer jam.
So we did!

We went out and bought the cute little jam jars. . .
We bought all the ingredients (raspberries came courtesy of Char's parent's plants). . .

We made JAM and we had a ton of FUN doing it!!
Char was teaching baby Weeda that it's never too early to learn your way around the kitchen! :)
(Baby Weeda is due in November!)


The Jam was so easy and turned out delicious!

We were so excited with how well the jam making went, we decided that next on the list was to can some pears that came of the Weeda's pear tree in their backyard!

The attempt at canning the pears didn't as smoothly.
Many of the pears were inhabited by worms and other DISGUSTING creatures (we'll spare you pictures of the vermin), or they were rotting on the inside already.

We barely had enough ripe pears to even fill ONE jar!
We decided canning was a complete failure and made a pear crisp instead!
We ate it so fast, I didn't even get a picture of it!

But, we still had fun, and if we change our minds about the whole canning thing and decide to give it another shot, there is a whole bucket of green pears waiting for us that I'm sure will be ripe soon.

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Sandra Ramey said...

Well, girls, that was so inspiring! The jam looked beautiful and I remember what a good feeling comes from canning stuff! Haven't done nearly what I used to but I still get excited when I see someone else's work!