Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ten Reasons to Garden (or to START gardening)

:: Our yard, All Natural ::

Ten reasons to garden
My blogging friend here found this list on a garden stake. 1. Dirt Therapy.
2. Grow Your Own Weeds!
3. Good Return of Your Investment.
4. Free Aroma Therapy.
5. Listen to God's Symphony.
6. No Effort Tanning.
7. Weed Pulling Workout.
8. Pick Your Own Lunc.
9. View the Master's Works of Nature.
10. Cheaper Than a Spa Day!
Brian and I both can't wait to get started on our yard! I am very anxious to see how green my thumb can get! We have big plans that include planter boxes, vegetables and a garden seating area. . . hopefully we aren't too late to take advantage of this wonderful Spring weather and can get started on things soon!

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KatieB said...

Your yard is gorgeous!!! I love a house that has an established yard. I miss all of the things that will only grow over there...feel free to post pics anytime so we can all enjoy them. :)