Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Party for Mama (to be) Derra!

Danica had the best idea ever! Well, Derra gave her the idea but Danica did a great job putting it all together! Derra wanted to fill her and Bryan's freezer with casseroles/pre-made meals, so when the baby comes, they don't have to cook. Well Mama and Papa had been busy with plenty of other preparations, so Danica invited a bunch of girls over to her house for a casserole making party! Derra was completely surprised!

We were surprised as well! In order to fully empathize with Derra (who only has a few weeks left until the due date), we all stuffed balloons under our shirts so we all had baby bellies as well! It was hilarious (and somewhat disturbing to imagine all of us being pregnant at the same time)!

Travis even got in on the fun when he was dropping Annie off at the house!
Here we all are with our balloon filled bellies (except Derra of course)!
Me, Danica, Audrin, Chelsea, Annie, Derra, Nicole, Andrea
There was lots of yummy food, and some not so yummy food. One of the games was to guess what flavored baby food was in each jar. There were 11 different jars!! No wonder kids spit the stuff out all the time, it's disgusting!

We all had a great time and Derra was so happy to have yummy food to stock their freezer. Baby Gibler can come anytime now, his mommy and daddy are ready!
Thanks Danica, we all had a lot of fun!


Darren and Maria said...

This IS seriously the best idea EVER!! That is a gift that I bet they will appreciate greatly when they are sleep deprived and hungry! And the baby bellies are so hilarious!!

Danica said...

Aw your photos are so cute! You helped a lot too and should take some credit! Lets trade photos though, seriously!

MSue and BMcD said...

Danica - no problem, I'll put the pics on a CD for you! :)