Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sanding sanding sanding sanding and more sanding!

Just that one word makes me shudder. I've discovered that I loathe sanding. I've had to do enough of it this past couple of weeks to make an educated decision on the matter, and yup, I LOATHE IT. The blog has been neglected of late, not because we're slacking off on working on the house and there's nothing to report, it's just because we're doing the same work over and over again. I just didn't want you to get as tired of reading about as we are of doing it!!
This is how much we love sanding:
The process goes something like this: scuff, prime, patch, sand, prime then patch and sand and prime again if needed.

You can see, next to the stark white primer, we've gone with a very creamy color for the woodwork color. It turned out really nice, Brian mixed the color himself, what do you think?!

It's A LOT of work, however, it does make everything look nice when it's all smooth and pretty!

We got the woodwork in both bedrooms, the hall and the bathroom all done and now we're just finishing up in the living room and dining room. Once the woodwork in done, we'll paint all the ceilings (well I guess there is technically only ONE ceiling, but in all the rooms). THEN after the ceiling is dry, it's time to refinish the floors and that is the last step before we can actually move in to our house!! We are getting so close!!


Ken said...

You guys are making me tired. It looks like all you have time to do is work on the house. It will be exciting to see some pictures when you are done.

Cassandra said...

blech. sanding.

But you're so close! That's pretty awesome!

MSue and BMcD said...

It IS all we're doing Ken, come help! We come home from our day jobs and work on the house until 11pm or later!! It's crunch time and we are SO anxious to be able to actually live in our house!

Anonymous said...

ugh, not jealous in the least ;-) but will probably jealous when all your work is done and your house is looking gooooood.

Pamella said...

I can't believe all the hard work and time you are putting into your home. It is going to be BEAUTIFUL when you are done and you will have gained mega sweat equity. I can't wait to see the finished product! Keep posting the progress!

Shana said...

Ugh! Looks like a ton of work! Can't wait to see pictures of the house when you get to move in though! Exciting that it's so close!