Friday, January 16, 2009

Done with the woodwork!!

Stage one of "The minimum to get done so we can live in our house" is now complete!!  The woodwork is done!  The pictures don't do it much justice, but it turned out amazing, especially compared to what it was!  Look at how pretty it is, nice work Brian!
Door trim and picture rail in the master bedroom
One of the built-ins by the mantle
Looking from the dining room into the living room
Doorway from the dining room into the kitchen (I can't wait to put the swinging door back up!)
The front door (inside)
Master Bedroom built-in amoire
All the pretty doors in a row (covered in plastic to protect them from over-spray)
Main bathroom - those are windows that are covered with the green paper, and a mirror goes over that center section.


Ken said...

Wow. That is looking great. I hope you do a whole set of pictures of the finished project. Great job!

Tom Sorenson said...

Whoa. A little (lot!) nicer than what we did at our place! Awesome job!