Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Weekend at the Coast with the Girls!

Yachats (pronounced "yaw hots") is a small coastal city in Lincoln County, Oregon, United States. According to Oregon Geographic Names, the name comes from the Siletz language, and means "at the foot of the mountain".

Or, you can pronounce it phonetically, like Bethany and I chose to do, and it would be Ya-Chats, or Yackats. Either way, lots of fun!

Bethany and I were spoiled rotten this weekend. Mom wanted to get away with us girls, so we drove over to Ya Chats (stopped at the casino on the way and lost some money) and spent the night at Overleaf Lodge. It was beautiful!

We each had hour long massages Saturday night, got to relax in the spa, ate yummy food, walked out in the healthy coastal air, and just generally had an awesome time together!!

Sorry Brian for leaving you all alone for the weekend, thanks for installing the washer and dryer all by yourself!


Cassandra said...

Sounds lovely! Oh how I love the Oregon coast. That last photo is awesome!

Jon and Chels said...

I love that photo of you and Bethany!