Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our House is all Jacked Up, Part III - But Now It's LEVEL!!

Today was the day! See how excited Brian was?! Calvin and his crew of one, Eric, came in to lift the house about 2-4 inches on either side and to insert the new support beams. My dad and Brian were there to help. I wanted Brian to post this entry, since he was there and could give a first-hand account, but apparently he's a tad blog shy. . . so here goes:

They started with the "over-hang" which is the dining room window area . . .
it sloped from left to rightAll those boards next to Calvin are what were going under the house . . .

As you can see from the pictures, it was an all day project and a lot of work!!
Eric running the saw. . .Getting the materials under the house and ready. . . The jacks they used are best described as, fancy car jacks on steroids. . . each jack could support 10 tons!!

Brian and my dad had done so well with the prep work, that things were just as they needed to be and everything went smoothly from the start. They were able to get to the actual lifting part by early afternoon!
These pictures amaze me, my house was lifted!! You can see the streaks of daylight coming through in between the house and the foundation!

I got home from work just in time for clean up and dinner, I couldn't believe how much work they had done during the day!! It's amazing what a couple of inches can do! I almost fell down steps out of the front door, as that first step down had become noticeably further away!
Those four boards pointing towards me are all new. . . that's where the hearth for the fireplace used to be and there was NO support under it previously!
The guys worked hard all day and the results are fantastic, thanks Calvin!

Dad Joyce, Eric, Calvin and Brian

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Donna and Jim said...

That is super impressive. I didn't even know you could jack a house up. You are doing wonderful work on the house but I bet you will be happy when its all done.