Monday, October 6, 2008

The Kitchen

There is a ton of work to do on the kitchen. . . but that old green marmoleum HAD to go! One night Brian and I decided that it was time to tackle the kitchen floor.

We discovered there is fir flooring in the kitchen also (same as the bedrooms). So, we got all the green gunk off and will re-finish the kitchen floors when we re-finish the wood floors in the rest of the house. That way, we can get by for a little while until we decide to start the total kitchen remodel.

Brian said the purchase of this dandy tool was officially justified, as now I was using it also.

We also decided we didn't like the large cabinet in the middle of the kitchen wall, so we pulled it off and put it back up, flush with the ceiling. You can see the mark on the wall, where the cabinet used to be. . .

The wall all primed and ready . . .

Much better! Now we can actually fit a fridge under there!

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