Monday, August 18, 2008

Today Was a Good Day!

After Saturday, we all needed something to lift us up. . . we got that today (Monday). A thunderstorm rolled through Portland, and Brian got the day off from work, since you can't paint exteriors in the rain. He spent the day poking around at the house, buying some supplies and he finished TSP-ing (cleaning) the ceilings and woodwork. I met up with him after I got off work, and Jill and Lyle and my Dad and Mark all came over to help us lift out the rest of the carpet.

There is nice solid oak in the living room!

Good news!! The rest of the floors are in great shape!! Well great compared to the dining room. The living room, bedroom and the hall will only require minimal sanding.

Bedroom and hall carpet, blah.

The bedroom and hall floors are fir, which is softer than the oak, but the wood is in really good shape!

With the carpets gone, the whole house smells and looks tons better. It's starting to look more and more "ours" and we are getting so excited!!

Loading up the stinky old carpet!! It was so great getting it all out of the house. Progress makes us happy!!


Anonymous said...

Must be nice to have so much help!!

landryandcara said...

What an exciting process! Sounds like you're getting quite the education! Congrats!

Deb said...

love those hardwood floors! They are awesome! Good work, guys!
I think you knew about #3 :) Getting close!

Sandra Ramey said...

Look at that wood! So cool! We LOVE our old house in Albany!