Monday, August 18, 2008

Saturday Part II. . .

So, after the plumbing fiasco on Saturday, we had a little steam left to attack the carpets. We decided to go for the dirtiest stuff first. There was a dark stain on the dining room carpet that we knew was going to be a problem. When the carpet is oily and damp, you know the poor wood under it is going to be a mess. . .

Oh well. What can you do?!

Yep, it was a mess. Hope for the best, but expect the worst. Let me tell you, that carpet definitely smelled THE WORST! Parts of the dining room might need to be completely redone, but we're HOPING most of this will sand down nicely.

The majority of the top layer of black was actually just a lot of sticky goop and a good portion of it could be wiped off.

But we're still smiling!
Saturday was a very busy, mentally/physically exhausting day and we all were completely wiped out by the time we locked up for the night.

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