Saturday, August 16, 2008

Moving right along, on to. . . Project Three?

So, project #2 is getting those darn windows open, and that will be an ongoing task for some time I'm sure. . . now, we thought project #3 was going to be getting the DISGUSTING carpet up off the floors and airing out the wood underneath, but of course, something else had to come up . . . . Project #3 = PLUMBING ISSUES, ugh!
We had a leaky pipe in the basement, coming from under the kitchen sink, we knew we would have to replace it sooner than later. Well, "sooner" was today (Saturday), when working around the basement door I heard water flowing and that drip from the leaky pipe had turned in to something more. Long story short. . . Dad thought he would just have to replace the joint where the leak was coming from. He stopped thinking that was all he would have to replace as soon as he took the joint off and tried to look into the pipe. . . .

As you can tell from the pictures, there wasn't a lot of room to see anything!! The pipes were so packed full of grease and gunk, no wonder the joints were leaking, the water had nowhere to go!!

Gary, Brenda and the kids came by the house to visit and see how the day was going. They got there just in time to help out and we put them right to work!Here you can see the threads were all rusted out!

Taking a break for lunch, thanks Mark for bringing the BBQ!

Flushing out the pipes. . . gross!

Abigail even helped out!

When all was said and done, about 20 feet of pipe and three elbow joints were replaced. Now we have pretty new drain pipes and no more leaks, for now. Thanks Dad and Gary and everyone for helping out!

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garybren said...

Mari, we missed the smell of your house so much that when we arrived in Mt. Vernon at 8:30 that night we felt right at home in the SMOKING room I accidently got at the hotel! : )