Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Pictures

Most of these pictures were taken the day after we got back from Hawaii. We went to a sushi dinner in Hillsboro at the old library with the Joyce and McDonald clans. In front of the old library, Hillsboro, OR.

At Mom and Dad McDonald's house.
Mom Joyce, Brian, Mari, Dad Joyce

Me and the future brother-in-law

The McDonald Boys and Dad Joyce

The McD's
Me and Mom with Jill and Samantha
THE ring, from the BeverleyK Collection, and I LOVE IT!


Darren said...


Shana said...

Wow! BeAuTiFuL!!

landryandcara said...

LOVE your ring! Congratulations!!!

Donna and Jim said...

Hey Mari - Congratulations! I heard about your engagement from Deanna. It was so fun to run across your blog as I haven't seen you in years. Anyway, I linked you. I hope you don't mind.

Donna (Diane Joyce's sister)