Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Miss Relay for Life 2008

               MISS COCONUTS!!

Brian really does have a heart of gold . . . why else would he dress in a hula skirt and a coconut bra and parade around in front of thousands of strangers for the second year in a row?!

Relay for Life took over the Hillsboro Stadium this past weekend, and once again Hillsboro Hematology and
 Oncology (where Brian's mom Jill works) was a main sponsor.  And once again, they signed poor Brian up to represent their office in the Miss Relay Pageant.  Now Relay for Life does many wonderful things, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't call the Miss Relay Pageant one of them!  RelayforLife.com  The Pageant involves men of all shapes and sizes dressing in their best drag to compete to earn the most money for the Relay.  HILARIOUS!

 Brian with some of the other contestants
The contestants come on to the stage one by one, are introduced, yes, Brian's alter ego is known as Miss Coconuts.  There is generally some witty banter between the contestants and the MCs, (although this year, the witty part was sorely lacking), the contestants pretend they have some sort of talent (besides walking in women's shoes), the audience applauds their efforts and laughs LOUDLY, they parade off the stage and the next contestant is up.

After all the contestants are introduced (this year there were about 20 he/shes!!), they are let loose into the crowd to try and collect as much money as they can.  All donations of course go to Relay for Life.  Last year, I think there were about 7 to 10 guys, and they all ended up collecting a fair amount of money for the cause.  
This year, there were so many guys, the donations got spread pretty thin.  Some of the contestants were only able to collect $50 to $100 each.  But don't fret ladies and gentleman, your Miss Coconuts had PLENTY of fans and was crowned the winner, hands down!! Brian collected $1,046 to contribute to the Relay for Life!!
  Maybe it was the stellar personality or maybe it was the American flag Speedo under the grass skirt, who knows, but Brian won!!!

  Taking a victory lap with the HHO Team


Bradley & Anamarie said...

that is hilarious!

you're not doing a beach wedding are you.... ;-)

-Bradley & Anamarie

BethRaelene said...

LOL! That speedo is going to haunt you the rest of your life!!!!!