Sunday, November 29, 2015

Three Years

Loving her Spanish books from Uncle and Tia.
County to twelve in Spanish. "Adios" "Buenos Noches"

Not liking "class."

"After this nap (sleep), what day is it?"

Not being able to wrap her head around combining her school friends and her meeting friends together.

Chai tea, "with cream, like you momma."

Knee-jerk reaction of, NO. Then will think about things and- "I changed my mind."

Alternate personalities: Lizzie and Queenie (from the Bearnstein Bears) and Marie (from the Nutcracker).

"I have a heddick" (headache)

One night, all the sudden, she was in our room, stuffie and blankey in tow. First time she came to us instead of us waking up an heading to her room! I was so shocked, I pulled her into bed and we all promptly fell back asleep.

First time playing "meeting." Praying over the bread (banana bread) and wine (empty tea cup). Asking mommy to "pray like meeting."

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