Friday, May 29, 2015

2 Years : 6 Months

Two and a half. My baby is TWO AND A HALF YEARS OLD.
"Next time, I'll be three", she says.
When I stop and look at her, really look at her - I get so overwhelmed.
I really cannot believe that - this little PERSON is ours.
Our daughter, our heart, our life.
Oh missy moo - you challenge me so - and I love you all the more for it.

2T clothing, at least.
Size 6 shoes - even though she's still squeezing on her size 5 "Bow shoes"
Steroid cream is keeping the eczema at bay - now using over the counter Cetaphil (in a jar, not the pump bottle, I guess there's a difference).
Bruises everywhere. Marks of her increasing bravery/callous disregard for safety.

Strawberries from our strawberry barrel. She can hardly wait until they turn red until she pops them into her mouth!

Watermelon! The minute she starts to see them at the market - she wants to eat watermelon! Next will be corn on the cob!

Watermelon gum - just gum in general. But not mint. It's too spicy.

SHOWERS! If given a choice between a bath or a shower with mama/daddy - she's picking the shower. She loves the first three minutes and then usually screams that she's done at some point after that. Then she'll sit on the bathroom floor, bundled in towels, and sing or otherwise keep herself occupied until mommy or daddy are done.

Pooping. How can we get this girl to poop in the toilet, ugh!

Getting dressed. Like brushing teeth - this is a battle we fight every day. "No, I don't want to wear that boy shirt!" Etc. If anyone can break down her rationale on what is a boy item of clothing and what is a girl item of clothing, and let us know, that would be great. Thanks.

FITS. Epic meltdowns complete with screaming and flailing of limbs.
At least once a day/night.
Lord, give me patience.

Sleeping / General Schedule:
Well, she's sleeping most nights completely in her toddler bed.
The catch is, mama has to fall asleep in that teeny tiny bed with her, every night. Then once she's asleep, which usually doesn't take too long these days, mama sneaks out to her own room
On night she wakes, if we're lucky, we go in to her room, tuck her back in - find lost stuffed animal/blanket, and sneak back to our own room to sleep until morning.
Other nights - (1) mama has to crawl back in said teeny tiny bed until little miss falls back asleep; (2) mama or daddy have to sleep in the twin bed in her room; (3) mama or daddy have to sleep in the twin bed WITH little miss; (4) options 1-3 don't work and little miss ends up in mommy and daddy's bed for what's left of the night.

Motor Skills:
Climbing up, jumping off - she is braver than I want her to be!

This girl can make up a song about anything and everything!

Is that a good choice mama?

Corrects herself, at least in front of mama, when she catches herself slipping into baby talk.

Daddy - does your silly bottom (penis),  is that what makes you a boy and different than a girl's silly bottom (vagina)?

My name starts with an I! I-R-I-S that's my name. My name has two I's, and an R and an S. I-R-I-S Iris! And Mommy's name has an I and Daddy's name has an I. Daddy's name starts with a B! And Mommy's name has an R and Daddy's name has an R! And Trooper's name has an R and two O's!

We bribe her with - if you're good during ______ then you get __________.
(Usually a piece of gum.) So these days we hear a lot of, "I'm being good mommy!?"

Help me dry my tears!

Help me take big breaths!

Other Notables:
A big tumble backwards down the steps of the tall slide at the playground. Gave Grandpa Bryan a heart attack and ended up with a sore nogg'n and a little scratch on the top of her head that scabbed.
Didn't scar her too much - she didn't want to talk about "the tumble" at first - but now is already talking about going back to the park with Grandpa! Kids are so amazing and resilient - thank goodness!

So Bossy!!! Yes Auntie Bethany, bossy.
You do this - I'll do this then you do this.
This girl. Sigh.

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