Sunday, March 29, 2015

2 Years : 4 Months

Size 5 diapers (still)
Size 6 shoes
24-36 month clothing, depending what it is.
Holding steady at about 26 pounds.

Ice cream. GUM. Gum is currently the best thing ever. Or chocolate pudding.
This girl's sweet tooth is insatiable, like her momma's unfortunately.
Fast spins! (When she's dancing, she wants you to hold her and to twirl around super fast.)
Back to loving on all her stuffed animals/toys - with a favoritism toward "Baby" currently.
Wind and the Willows for her bed time story. "How bout a few pages of Wind in da Wiwows?!" She sits on the couch, doesn't hold still the whole time, but can recount a few things from the pages we've read when we close the book for the night. Either way, her first chapter book! :) We're currently on our second round of reading it.
warm water "Like Oma."
hard-boiled eggs
singing - all the time. Mash-ups of songs from school, lullaby's, nursery rhymes and parts she just makes up.

Slivers. Every poky feeling, "I think I might have a sliver." Also when she poops and it's still in her diaper, "I have a sliver in my bottom!"
Dancing, without a skirt. In fact, she won't let you dance either, unless you're wearing a dancing skirt.
Momma is disliking the baby talk regressions that's happening. Interesting enough, she doesn't appear to stutter if she's speaking in "baby talk."

Still having more good night than bad!
Our night time routine usually goes fairly smoothly. Bath, jammies, books, brushing teeth, milk (bottle), bed. Some night she'll fight her bath or fight brushing her teeth, but like I said, more good nights than bad.
Generally she's in bed and asleep by 9pm and then up around 8:15am or so. Generally. There's always the exception.

Motor Skills:
Climbing! Dancing! Jumping! Balancing!
Hand motions to songs. (5 little monkeys, Head and shoulders)

Little Miss is getting brave! Running off without looking to see if Mommy and Daddy are following, going up and down the big slides by herself! Climbing all over the jungle gyms at the park, making Mommy's heart jump!

Her: "Oh my gosh! I mean, oh my god!"
me: Hunny! We don't say that at our house, Mommy doesn't like those words.
Her: "Ok mommy. You say oh my gosh and I say oh my god."
Asking questions - all the time: "What you say?" "What's that?" "What you laughing at?" "What that do?"

Monday= coming home with a migraine. I lay in my bed just for a minute to close my eyes and let the Excedrin Migraine kick in...I'm quickly joined by my darling daughter, who brings her "monster doll" and "soft blanky" to help me feel better. She asks me what is the matter and puts her hand on my forehead when I tell her my head has an owie. She then asks me to help her down off the bed so she can go find daddy. A few minutes later she comes back holding her tiger ice pack. She climbs back into bed with me and puts the ice pack on my head and says "does that feel better mommy?" I say yes and thank her for helping me get better. She says "I need you to feel better mommy so you can come play with me in the living room." I never want to forget these precious moments.

Other notables:
She's really experimenting with frames of time. "Was Oma here last day?" (Yesterday)
"Can we go to the beach in 9 weeks?" "I played on the playground at school for 7 hours!" "Oma will come on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, last day." "Aunty and Uncle Josh will come visit me in two, three, four, eighteen days!"

Conversation with little miss at bed time tonight:
"Me-so do you think we should share your crib with baby Kamuela when he comes and you can get a new big girl bed to sleep in?
Her-a big girl bed like Olive's?
Me-yes! Like your friend Olive sleeps in. Then baby Kamuela can have this bed that you've been sleeping in since you were a baby.
Her- mom, I've been sleeping in this bed a long time. . . Three weeks, ten times, five six seven eight nine ten, thirty seven minutes."...
Needless to say-I couldn't keep the laughter in. I guess that's a no, for now?

Stories - that go on forever! They usually include dramatic hand motions and mix/mash up different events from the day, the week, or her memory.

Tonight's dinner time story: "so today Brennan said hi to me. We walked by each other and he said hi to me. So I invite invited him to play in the loft." Ohhhh really?! It was everything Brian and I could do to keep a straight face!

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