Thursday, January 29, 2015

2 years : 2 months

Almost time for a "dry undies treat!"
Descriptive words: "beautiful" "silly" "fancy"
I'm just teasing you mommy

I walk in the door from work.
Iris and Daddy are sitting on the couch, eating a mandarin orange.
Iris: MOMMY! I eating a orange. It sour so I cover my mouth!
I engage in dialogue with her about said sour orange as I walk further into the room.
She has gotten down from couch and stands in front of me and I take my coat off and hang it up.
Iris: Mommy's work clothes? You wearing boots mommy.... tights... dress... scarf. You look so pretty mommy. Best welcome home ever.

Talking about her outfit, she had picked a sparkly shirt and sparkly shoes, "I'm so fancy mommy!"

In the car, we're going around a long on ramp to enter the freeway, gradually gaining speed, from the backseat we hear: "I FALLING OFF THE ROAD!" I turn around and Little Miss has a death grip on her car seat armrests!

What you and daddy talking about Mommy?

You and daddy laughing? What you and daddy laughing about mommy?
Interesting. Just realized how much she talks about Brian in third person, when she'll talk directly to me. Come to think of it, on occasion I'll ask her to tell daddy something or she'll want to tell him something, but she'll say, "No, you tell daddy."

Wearing her big girl undies around the house during the evening she's been dry every other evening we've done this-but tonight all of the sudden we hear: "oh no! The poo poo is coming out of my bottom!" she wet herself.
 Walking in on her daddy, who was using the restroom: "Daddy, what you holding?"


Bethany Raelene said...

BWAHAHAHA!!! Soooooooo funny!!!!

Jennifer Waldo said...

I am seriously laughing so hard right now :)