Saturday, November 29, 2014

Year TWO

For her second birthday party, my opinionated little miss requested PINK FLAMINGOS.
This Momma was more than happy to oblige.



(More party pics coming soon!)
Iris @ TWO Years Old!

Her fine, dirty blond hair is getting long - in the tub when her hair is wet, it stretches down between her shoulder blades - and when it's dry, those curls are sticking around!
Those last few 2-year molars are causing her gums to swell and are reeking havoc on our nights. At least I hope that's what causing the sleep issues.
I'm paranoid her sweet tooth is rotting. A trip to the dentist is in the works...if her reaction to the dentist office is anything like how she reacts to the doc's office - ugh....

Telling people she's 2 years old! She even holds up the correct number of fingers.

Gum - potential potty training/bribing tool. SHE is OBSESSED.

Getting her picture taken/looking at pictures of herself. Not totally new, but she smiles consistently for the camera now.
Taking pictures with her very own digi camera (thanks to GPa Bryan)!

Slides at the playground! She's finally warming up to going down the slide! She still requests someone ride down with her, but I'm proud of my brave girl for starting to push her limits! I was amazed and totally surprised when she requested to go down the HUGE water slide at the community swimming pool! She might have been scared the whole way down, but by the time we reached the bottom, she was grinning ear to ear!

Wrestling - she always wants to wrestle! Sit on da floor peas, I wrestle you!


Brushing her teeth - by herself, with lots of practice toothpaste.

BANJO - the Ty® Beanie Baby dog she was given in her first year. Banjo goes EVERYWHERE with her.
Heaven forbid she wakes in the night and can't find Banjo - or if Momma has tried to throw him in the wash! Look out!

Making you tea or coffee with her new tea set. You like coffee Momma?

Her own version of Hide&Seek. Where is me? Find me Momma! And before I have a chance to play along, Here I is! I right here!

When momma and daddy try to help brush her teeth, or help her with anything for that matter.
I do it all. by. my. self!
Getting dressed/undressed. Having a shirt go over the head is apparently now THE WORST thing EVER.
A mold spore allergy?! No playing in the leave piles for this little one, bummer (of course this was discovered post photo shoot with Auntie Bethany).

Whatever Momma and Daddy are eating/drinking. What you have in your mouf Momma? Iris have some? I tell (smell) somefin?
This girl loves chocolate. Like whoa. And Mochi ice cream. We've created a monster.
Has started requesting bananas at all hours. As in 2am.

Sleeping/General Schedule:
No comment.

Motor Skills:
Catching and throwing. Better at throwing than catching. This girl has an arm! Momma is so proud!
Yoga = the equivalent of downward dog - no idea where she even learned the term, we all know it wasn't from Momma.
Somersaults - with assistance
Potty training has stalled out. No recent attempts on the mini-pot.
Thumbs out/up / Thumbs down + the happy and sad face to accompany the thumb direction.

I really can't put into words the personality of this little one.
She's volatile. From hot to cold quicker than you can blink. Like her Momma?
Independent but easily frustrated. We're constantly reminding her to try again, try a new way.
She growls and yells out when something isn't going according to her plan. i.e. The page of the book she's reading won't stay down flat.
She tattled on Grandpa Bryan the other day. Trooper also gets tattled on quite frequently these days.
She also loves Trooper. Troop a good bowee (boy).

She's a wonderful story teller. She uses great descriptive words, crunchy, chewy, chilly, snazzy - Where does she get these words!?
She likes to talk (hear her own voice?) - like her daddy! :)

Likes her alone time / in her own little world time. No see me!

She is very observant/perceptive - like her Momma - and it's hard to get away with anything around her - even gum chewing. What's in da mouf momma? I tell (smell) it!
She's really discovered her sense of smell - she lets us know whenever she smells something good/bad/new/otherwise notable.

She's got her ABC's down - and her letter recognition improves/expands constantly.
Knows (has memorized?) how to spell her name and can recognize the letters: I - R - I - S, IRIS!
She can count to TWENTY! However, it usually goes something like this: one, two, three, four, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fourteen, fourteen, sixteen, TWENTY!

She's started calling herself a princess. Usually when she's wearing her hooded bath towel.

She has requested chocolate cupcakes with BLUE frosting for her birthday celebration at school.

While she adjusts well to new/sudden situations and environments, we're beginning to think the stimulus/stimuli stays with her for a while - a la her momma. Like her momma, after a big and busy day, she has a hard time slowing down at night and turning her little mind off. Some of her best stories come while she's laying in bed and reflecting on her day. I totally get it.

Sometime, I'll catch her eye and she'll smile at me and say, I happy Momma! Best words a mommy can hear from a kiddos mouth.

She has the most hilarious responses these days - it's often hard to keep a straight face.
ME: Iris, did you toot toot?
Iris: I DID!

Me: Why are you crying hunny?
Iris: I naughty. Hit daddy's face and daddy say no Iris, and Iris did it. And I crying! 

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Bethany Raelene said...

BAHAHAHAHA! She is too funny! Love the little stories and the things she says. You and Brian are raising an amazing little girl! Love you all so much! xo