Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Iris @ 23 Months!

A cute toddler lisp. Only cute if it doesn't stick around too long though.
The first of her 2-year molars has arrived! (Bottom right)
Her beautiful, fine hair is almost long enough for a REAL, back of the head, pony-tail!
24 month clothing
Size 5 shoes
Size 5 diapers

ALL of her stuffed animals, ALL at the same time (little cub, big bear, brown bear, Daisy, monkey, little dog)
books: "My Name is Ernie" "Three Bears" "Bambi"
Reading books on her own - your allowed to read too, by invitation only.
Singing on her own - your allowed to sing too, by invitation only.
laying/hiding under blankets and pillows
See Iris's hand momma? yeah? See Iris's foot momma? Yeah?
Songs: "It's raining, it's pouring the old man is snoring", "three blind mice", "rise and shine and give God the glory" (ALL the verses), "Sing a song of Six pence" - singing a grace before meals. AMEN!
Using an umbrella when it's raining! Iris need umbella, yeah?
Boise, Idaho

Clothing that isn't soft enough. Seriously. She won't wear any of the cute skinny jeans I bought her for the fall NOoooo, da softer ones! I can't fault her I guess, I'd wear sweats everyday of the week if I could too.
Slides. Like at the playground, or as she calls it the beeg jungle gym. Not new, just don't think I've mentioned it before.

Still a great eater!
fruit juice - we try to only give her juice as a treat - cuz this girl will CHUG a glass of apple juice and she LOVES lemonade like Grammy Lisa!
She loved daddy's homemade minestrone soup.
Asks occasionally for cossage cheese  and will eat almost a half of a carton at one sitting!
Iris and daddy made a banana cream pie earlier this month, and of course, she loved it.
Oma's nanabread - not new - she's always been a banana lover

Sleeping/General Schedule:
We're trying our hardest, most nights, to get little miss bathed, quieted down and into bed by 9 pm at the latest. On a good night she's asleep by 8 and on a not-so-good night she's asleep by 10pm. It's a work in progress.

Our night time ritual includes a little bit of all of the following: bath, books, bottle of milk, lavender behind the ears, singing, rocking in the chair, laying on the couch, laying on the twin bed, patting the back, and whatever other stalling tactic this little imp can come up with as her eyelids droop.

She usually falls asleep on her stomach and holding, or surrounded by one or more of her (current) favorite stuffed animals: Strawbeary, little cub, big bear, Daisey, or little dog - if she hasn't requested me to rock her to sleep in the chair in the living room.
The Costa Rica soundtrack is still playing on her white noise machine - but doesn't always mask the squeaky floor boards as we try to sneak from her room once she's dozing.

She makes a lot of noise at night - talks in her sleep, rolls around quite a bit - and generally wakes herself up once around midnight or 1am.  She'll always ask for mama, I'll oblige and usually also demands "more baba" - she'll get some more pats on the back, she'll take a few pulls from the bottle, now filled with water, and will usually fall back asleep fairly quickly, within 5 or 10 minutes.

The last week or so, I hope I'm not jinxing things, she'll sleep from that first stir until about 4 or 5am - about the time Brian is waking for work- so we're getting some good chunks of sleep! Brian will get her, change her soggy diaper and bring her to bed with me to rest a few more hours and then she wakes for the day around 7 or 8am.

Motor Skills:
Zipping and unzipping jackets and sweatshirts
Taking off socks and shoes, attempting to put them on.
Using the potty! Two confirmed pottys in her special toilet to date, and two tries (with no actual potty).
Still loves to run and hop hop hop!
Climbs, cautiously
Can catch a ball every once in a while
Kicks her soccer ball, occasionally, but would rather pick it up and throw it

This little one's vocabulary really is astouding!
Between her and Brian, this mama can't get a word in edge-wise! ;)
*side note * mama vs. momma (?) Either way, I am officially Momma, as opposed to Mommy.
Answering questions with 'yeah'. Iris did you have a fun day at school? Yeah. (pronounced yeeyah)
Also, Momma want help Iris Color? Yeah? and Daddy help Iris make dinner? Yeah?
L= Yuh as in Yama (Llama) and Yittle (little)
F = M as in Mountain of water (fountain)

She obviously feels safest and most free to be herself at home.
This became even more apparent after a parent teacher conf. this month at her "school."
One of their goals for her is to help her "become more assertive with her peers." - Funny she doesn't have a problem being assertive with momma and daddy.

She is very perceptive and emotional, like her momma. She's concerned when she hears elevated voices or crying. You sad momma? Wipe tears with blanky?
Somebody sad momma?
Such a sensative old soul.

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