Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Long Weekend With Friends - Boise, Idaho

We took this trip to Boise at the same time last year to visit momma's very pregnant friend Amanda and attend her baby shower.
Baby Amelia is almost 1 - 
so it was well past time to head to Boise to meet little A.

Last year, Iris did great on the plane and I was nervous how things would go this time around, 
since she was "more aware."

Saying bye-bye to daddy at PDX.

After a brief meltdown when boarding the plane - "a smoothie" and hiding under her tent (blanky) during take-off worked to keep Iris happy until we got up in the air.

We made it to Boise!
Amanda's mom Carol, who was watching baby A, picked us up and we headed to lunch then back to Carol's house to wait for Amanda to get off work.
It was great spending time with Carol and catching up
while the two littles got acquainted.

 Saturday morning - Amelia knew the way to Iris's heart - DONUTS!
 While Amelia took her morning nap, Iris and I explored the local jungle gym.
Outfit courtesy of little miss!
She's already very opinionated about such things!

 A lovely lunch with the ladies at Bardenay!
 Amanda & Amelia

 At the MC Nature Preserve
We always have fun exploring new places!
 Beeeg feeesh!

 We even saw three deer bedded down!
As Iris says, "We didn't even scare them away!"

 Amelia opening her birthday present....
...modeled by mommy Amanda!

 Sunday afternoon Iris and I said goodbye to the Pearcy's 
and headed home with Mari Ruth and Ted Sorenson...and Jazmine the dog (jazzy jazz)!
 We had a wonderful day Monday with Mari Ruth - exploring Idaho City.

 And visiting the Idaho City hot spring!
 Such a serene setting!

Iris was a big fan of the warm water!
Thanks for such a fun and relaxing treat Mari Ruth!
Such a perfect way to end the trip!

Heading home to Portland!

Can we get a different plane?
Her own apple juice - so fancy!
The flight home was fairly empty, so little miss got her own seat.
It's hard to sit still, confined to the seat, but she did pretty great!

Home again, home again.
Reunited with all the animal friends, she was so happy!

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