Monday, September 29, 2014

Iris @ 22 Months!

This Girl.
Athletes foot?!
And is it me, or is little miss chunking up?!


Helping. With everything. Iris help me mommy? = Do you want me to help you mommy? Usually said as a statement rather than a question.

Her "Ballerina shoes" = white patent Maryjane shoes with a bow on the front - try telling her they're not play shoes, I dare you.


Telling the best stories!

book:Thelonius Monster and the Sky-High Fly Pie

Becoming more attached to certain stuffed animals. Specifically, an almost three year old bear, who she has recently named "Strawberry." Where strawberry momma? I hold on tight.

The "Costa Rica" setting on her sound machine in her room. Guess it was time for a change, she seems to be enjoying the noises of the rain forest, complete with chirping birds. Nice birdies, I like it.

Take picha! It's hilarious watching her use the cell phone to "take pictures." Then of course, she wants to "see pichas" and "look at pichas!"

Who knows what sets her off these days, we sure don't.

Night terrors. Who knew. Freaky, exhausting, frustrating.

Sleep position: goes to bed best on stomach, hands at her sides, palms up, or tucked under her thighs - wakes up on her back, hands up above her head.

Getting to bed by 9pm. Goal is to shoot for 8pm

Showing a desire to do more things herself. (e.g. putting on socks/shoes and other clothing)
Loves washing her hands! Don't forget the soap!

Grass = brass
poney (tail) = phoney

Mommy need a fishy? Mommy need some water?, etc. And she doesn't take no for an answer.
She thinks she's so smart when she responds Yelcome, to your "thank you."

Whatsgoinon? Complete with cute head tilt and dimples flashing. She knows this always gets a giggle from us.

her: Where's daddy?
me: Where do you think daddy is this morning?
her: where's daddy?
me: Do you think daddy is at work?
her: No. Daddy in da bafroom. Going potty.

Iris help! She is SUCH a big help. ;)

Wash hand! Need more soap! Mommy wash hands too! More soap!  Germaphobe much?!

Football! First down! Touch down! Yay! 'Tis the season!

Doing this funny thing, like an exaggerated shudder, when she sees beeg spiders and other such items she deems shudder worthy.

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