Thursday, June 12, 2014


Nothing like a GAZILLION Facebook messages to remind you that you're another year older!
Seriously though, thanks to everyone who thought of me on my birthday!

Don't get me wrong, I'm loving my thirties...
but,Thirty-Three seems like a pretty insignificant year.
And when your birthday falls on a weekday, and your hunny goes to bed early because he's not feeling well - it's easy to just let the day pass.
But you, all of you, wouldn't let that happen.
I had a great day.
My office looked like a florist shop (or funeral parlor)
with all the flowers that were waiting for me in the morning.

A much anticipated special delivery from my wonderful sister and brother-in-love.
My co-workers spoiled me with thoughtful cards
and a jaunt to Ate-Oh-Ate for a delicious birthday lunch!
Thursday evening - I came home to this little lovie
and we spent the evening laying low as a family.
Friday I took the day off.
I did nothing.
I stayed in my sweats all day.
I ordered Thai take out - I rented Breaking Dawn, Part 1 on Hulu and cried watched it in peace.
It was a great day.
Happy Birthday to me!

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