Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Face of Allergies

This is the face of ... allergies?
My poor baby!
Mommy and Iris went to the nursery to pick up some plants on Saturday,
then by Sunday morning, little miss's eyes were practically swollen shut!
Upon further reflection - we think the culprit might be tomatoes!
Or at least the tomato plants that she was sitting next to in the car on the ride home from the nursery.
Internet research says that people can react to tomato plants similarly to how people react to poison oak or poison ivy!
Her grandpa Bryan and daddy both have had severe reactions to poison oak,
so, that seems to make the most sense.
The frustrating part is, is that you can't test for any sort of allergies yet at her age,
and I'm not about to rub her all over the tomato plants to test my theory!
Since to "tomato plant incident" - she has improved greatly.
She still has the remnants of a mild body rash and a dry "allergy" cough - so we think she might suffer from seasonal allergies as well - but she's generally her usual silly self, and there's no way we could keep this girl inside all summer long!

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