Friday, May 30, 2014

Iris @ 18 Months!

Height: 33 inches
Weight: 22.5 pounds
The hair on the top of her head is now long enough to be rubber-banded into a cute whale spout.
When her hair is wet, the back of it now reaches the very top of her shoulders and when it's dry, she has the cutest little curls.
She has her daddy's "Dracula" hairline. ;)
Those top canines have FINALLY poked through and are getting longer each couple of days.

Still OBSESSED with bubbles.
Putting her hair in a "pwonee" (poney) - taking out the pwonee
When you ask her who her friends are at school, she always says Brayden, and Olive.
Helping mommy water the plants and "fowfers." (flowers)

Getting the boogs sucked out of her nose, but who can blame her.
Nap time (on the weekends).
Bedtime (every night).

All the usuals here - we're trying to cut back on the "baba"s of rice milk (bottles).
Tortilla shells
Greek yogurt
PEBA! (Peanut butter)
LOVES strawberries, the poor things barely have time to turn completely red before she plucks them off the bushes. Waiting for the blue berries to ripen is just torture!

Motor Skills:
Drawing, coloring and "writing" are still favorites
Blowing bubbles - short, fast gusts from her mouth, but she gets some bubbles to form every once in a while.
and now HOPPING - she thinks hopping is hilarious.
She's getting a little more adventurous with climbing, but still asks for "hup peas." (help please)
She can balance on one foot
Lean forward and balances on her head, she thinks this is "fall down."
High fives and fist bumps are all the rage.
She can go down stairs by herself, holding on to a hand rail or other support, and one foot at a time.

Sleeping/General Schedule:
Brian and I are living in a constant state of exhaustion.
She still is up at least once a night, that's a good night.

*She repeats new words quickly, and over and over - as if that's how she records them into her vocabulary list for future recall.
*How she says Hippopotamus is THE cutest thing ever.
*If you're not paying close enough attention to her when she's talking to you, she will grab both sides of your face, directing you to look at her while she says your name over and over. I'm not sure if this is highly embarrassing, or endearing.
*She will ask you to "sing song" and then will interrupt you, saying your name over and over, to let you know you're not singing the correct song.
*Little miss is becoming fiercely independent. The phrase most heard at our house right now: "Ice do it!" (Iris do it.)
*Her response to the general question, Where is X.... "RITE DARE!!!"
*Any new taste is "sour." With the face to go along with it. SO funny.
*She reminds us to say grace before dinner, "sing food," melts my heart every time.
*Apparently we often tell her she can do things "one time"  then we need to move on, because now, whenever she wants something, she prefaces it with, "wontine" while holding up her index finger.
*The other morning when I woke her up and told her good morning, I'm fairly certain she said "I love you."

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