Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Iris @ 17 months

Height: 32/33 inches
Weight: 23ish pounds
 Now the canine teeth are coming in. The two lowers are through, just waiting on the uppers now.
Size four shoes
Size 4 diapers (still)
18 month clothing

Teacher Vonya and Teacher Suzy at school - how she says "sooozeee" is the cutest.
Bubbles in the bath - there MUST be bubbles.
Helping mama water the plants in the front yard - this girl loves the outdoors, even in the rain!
Giving big ol', wet kisses!
Showing more interest in "dllls" (dolls)
Riding her new bike!
"I shit, I shit." = sitting like a big girl in her own chair!

 Wind. "winnny winny!"
I know there are more to add, and I'm sure I'll think of them as soon as I hit the "publish" button.

Still drinking a ton of rice milk.
Loves her water, but is showing an interest in other beverages when mommy and daddy have them, especially "dooooce." Juice. Which we don't drink a lot of, she just calls everything that's not water, juice.
Loves pad se ew noodles - like her mama!
MOODIES! (smoothies)
Meat. More than just chicken, but she really liked her daddy's chicken satay with peanut sauce.

Sleeping/General Schedule
 Sleep has actually been decent this last month - little miss has only been waking once a night, if at all - but then is up and ready to play fairly early.
Wish she knew what a weekend was, and that you're supposed to sleep in at least two days a week.
Mondays/Wednesdays - I wake her around 7am and get her ready for school. We drive to the river and park the car, then take the bus the rest of the way and walk a few blocks to the center. She looooves riding the bus!
Tuesdays and Fridays - she's up EARLY with daddy - who is now working on a job in Hillsboro. Brian packs a sleepy girl into the car and drops her off at Oma and Opa's house in Hillsboro for the day, then picks her up after work and they carpool home.
Thursdays, Brian has school, so Jill comes in to our house.
Little miss is doing so great, even with all these schedule changes, and I think she'll be a well adjusted kiddo and all the better for it. Right?
Saturday - we hope for a lazy morning in bed and usually bring Iris in with us to snuggle if she wakes up too early. This means, she generally ends up watching PBS kids on one of our phones while we close our eyes for just a few more minutes. We spend the day around home, or running errands. I hope to start up some day trips now that once the weather is more reliable.
Sunday - up around 8am to get ready for church - lunch - nap - play.
We are pretty set at one nap a day, and bedtime has generally been constant at 9 or 9:30pm. If anyone has any tricks regarding earlier bedtimes, I'm all ears!

Motor Skills
This girl doesn't walk - she runs everywhere! Hence all the ouchies on her knees.
She is an expert artist, loves drawing and coloring and makes a conscious effort to stay in the vicinity of an object when she's coloring.
Master bug squisher *blech* "dish, dish!" (Squish) - a skill, I can only assume, that her father taught her.
This girl's vocabulary blows me away! She surprises us daily with her new vocab, and not only does she say a lot, she uses words in the correct contexts!
She is also starting to string two or three words together at a time. "Isshy, fall, dirty." [Her goldfish snacks had fallen on the ground, and she deemed them dirty.]
"I'm runnen, I'm runnen!"
"BEEEG ball" "leeetle ball"
"Irrrs do it."
"eeeeishus" (Delicious!)
There are so many words that I can't even begin to mimic how she says them -  but somehow we know what she's talking about (and sometimes we have absolutely no idea).
Let's you know when things are too "noisy," or when her "nose" is "ittee" (itchy).
Her little imagination is taking off - I asked her what she was drawing on the chalkboard easel the other day and she told me it was a "boat."
Also, I caught her pretending to eat her Easter eggs that I had knit her. Then she said, "mama eat."
Still a mama's girl, and is very clingy in the evenings when we're all home together.
Loves her friends, and saying ALL their names, ALL the time. "Sorn" (Soren) "Shy-o" (Shiloh) "Ba-din" (Braden) "Olv" (Olivia/Olive)
Loves singing the ABCs - particularly when you get to Ceeee - Peee - Exxxx - and ZEEEEE!
She can even recognize a few letters when I write them out on the chalkboard! (consistently S and O)
Can count to ten with assistance!
She really does amaze us. every. single. day!
More "humble brag" material can be found, here!

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