Saturday, March 29, 2014

Iris @ 16 months!

Height: I'm so bad at documenting this!
Weight: "
18 months clothing
size 4-5 shoes
12 teeth (including FOUR molars that came in all at once!)
Buddah belly
bumps and bruises "Ouchies"
 Look at that hair!!

Being outside.
Standing up in the bathtub and announcing that she is going "potty."
Fers (Flowers)
Meenky (Blanket)
BUS! busbusbus bus bus. BUS.

Mommy and daddy are NOT liking these temper tantrums - already?! We're convinced this is something she's picked up at the DayCare center because it can't be the result of anything we're doing, right?! :P
Blowing her nose, but who does, really.

Sleeping/General Schedule:
We're pretty much adjusted in the swing of one nap a day, although I don't think it's ideal. Little miss has been especially moody the last week or so, maybe it's just the fact her schedule has been turned upside down now that she goes to DayCare twice a week.
She attends Joyful Noise Mondays and Wednesdays, then Tuesday, Thursday, Friday she's at home still, usually with "Ama" Jill

Motor Skills:
Little miss doesn't walk - she runs! "I'm running, I'm running!" THE. CUTEST.
Loves playing patty cake - like for real, and Itsy Bitsy Spider.
She can also flap her arms like a bird, with her WEENS. I'm so proud.

This girl is a talker - like her daddy!
Can point out various body parts - appropriate and inappropriate. Head, face, eyes, nose, teeth, mouth, leg, knee, foot, toes, where her potty comes out.
Can fake cry with the best of them, but quickly turn to a giggly goose when you let her know that you're on to her tricks!

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