Friday, February 7, 2014

Snowmageddon! Snowpacolypse! SNOW DAY!

Finally! A snow day!
I've literally been waiting for this since winter of 2008!!!
 Grandma couldn't get home Thursday night so we had a pizza/slumber party!

 Chaining up Grandma's car - all bundled up.
Iris isn't quite old enough to want to play in the snow
and she really wasn't a fan of the east wind hitting her face.
We're looking forward to fun winters ahead!
She DID love watching out the windows as the snow come down!
 And she especially loved the cookies delivered from the neighbors.
We made our own batch the next day!

We spent a lot of time drawing and coloring and playing games with Trooper by the fire.
And this mama got outside in the evening to play in the snow.
I may have even made a snow angel ;)

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