Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Iris @ 14 Months

4 molars, two top, two bottom - all coming in at the same time!
19.6ish pounds
TALL - as in people ask me if she's two years old tall.
Hair is coming in thicker, not necessarily getting any longer though.

ICE. New favorite snack and teething soother.
Asking for the bottle as a soother. If she bumps her head, gets scared, or just needs some general comfort - she asks for the bottle.
It's not really new - but this girl is an avid reader. She spends A LOT of time at the book pile, pouring over pictures and pointing out all her favorites.
Animal noises - learning new ones like how to grunt like a hippo and howl like a wolf.

She still fights every single diaper change. I don't understand this.
Wind. But really, who can blame her.

This girl digs her almond/rice milk. We're going through the stuff like crazy.
Cheesy noodles aka Annies mac and cheese
Quesadilla (chicken and cheese in a flour tortilla)
Honey Greek Yogurt
Yogurt (specifically go gurt in the little push up packet)
Chap stick. We're trying to curb this habit, but look out if she spies a chap stick tube!

Sleeping/General Schedule:
Help us. The nights are a crap shoot at this point. Varying from horrendous to tolerable.
Her daily schedule remains much the same.

Motor Skills:
She is just not quite ready to take her hand off the furniture and venture out on her own yet. You ask her if she wants to practice walking like a big girl, and she motions for you to bring her her walking cart.
Lots of clapping, especially when she feels like she deserves it.
Drawing, coloring, pointing, picking up lint - her finger dexterity has astounded us from the beginning.

Little miss jabbers a mile a minute, when she's in the comfort of her own home. New words continue to pop of out her little mouth daily. Hilarious phrases too, like "ohhh bubba" (oh baby)! She is the cutest.
"Baba" - don't be confused - this word can refer to bottle, baby or water water. If you don't pick the right one, little miss will let you know!
She'll look right at me and yell "MAMA!" and continue to do such until I acknowledge her, which I usually do by yelling back, "IRIS." This thoroughly amuses her.
She knows her name and loves to point out Mama, Dada and "Irsss" in every family picture.
And we think her boy crush has turned from "Bam" to "Awwwchee" - look out!

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