Monday, December 16, 2013


I guess it's okay if I send out Happy New Year cards instead of Happy Holidays cards.

I guess it's okay if I only make fudge instead of fudge, cookies, ginger bread houses, peppermint bark, etc.

I guess it's okay if I only bring down two boxes of decorations from the attic and only end up putting up decorations from one box.

I guess it's okay if I only hand make a few gifts instead of finishing one handmade gift for everyone.

I guess it's okay if we ask folks to pitch in with food for our Xmas eve open house instead of cooking the entire feast ourselves.

I guess it's okay?

While I'm not yet entirely comfortable with these compromises (which began with little Miss' first birthday) - I suppose I am gradually realizing that in order to maintain some sort of level of sanity and presentness (is that a word?) - I need to let go of a few things.

When asked what I want most this holiday season, my response = time. How ironic. I'm ashamed that I've been worrying away the time I DO have. I want to treasure every second I have with my amazing hubby and darling daughter. If that means not being able to get stuff done, then so be it.
Stuff doesn't matter anyway.
All that being said - I'm really enjoying the holidays this year, even scaled back.
Last year was hard, Iris was just a month old and I was learning how to be mom. . .
the holidays were an emotional blur.
As each year comes and goes, I know I'll continue to find a healthy balance for me and my little family.
♥☃♥☃ ♥ FALALALALA ♥☃♥☃♥


Cassie said...

All of this is ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY okay. And I completely understand the feeling of *almost* guilt that comes with it. I have to let go of it every year and just remember that the most important thing is the time together.

DoRe' Arnall said...

You're singing my song, sistah.

And it's *totally* okay. Honestly, if your perfect holiday plans weren't being "derailed" by your sweet, sweet baby girl, we'd have to have an intervention to help you get your priorities straight. But it sounds like you already have them in perfect order. ;)

Love from Washington.:)