Saturday, November 30, 2013

One Year

To put our love for this little one into words is...impossible.
I well up with emotion just beginning to think of the past year and all the wonders that it has held for us.
How do you measure a year? (Cue Rent soundtrack - Seasons of Love)
We never knew we could feel so much - So much fear, so much anticipation, so much frustration, so much love.
We never knew we could be so tired.
We never knew we could be so strong.
We never knew we could be so much happier.
You, little one. You have taught us so much - and there is still so much to learn.

Each day gets harder, each day gets better, each day we love you more than we ever thought possible.

Little Miss - getting ready for her party!

 Waiting for the guests to arrive!
 Onesie and skirt made by Mama

Banana bread cupcakes
with cream cheese frosting
and chocolate sprinkles

 :: Party Favors ::

Iris @ One Year Old!
19 lbs.
30.5 inches long
6 teeth (four on bottom, two on top)
Size 3/4 diapers
12-18 month clothing
Numerous bumps and bruises from throwing herself all over the place :P

She is really becoming interested in Trooper. She'll seek him out more, she gives him lots of loves and tickles and will throw food down to him when she's done eating. Even appears to be scolding him when he tries to kiss her! The cutest! I hope they'll be great friends!
FISH - this has to be her favorite word right now, ISH ISH ISH. Anytime she sees one, or thinks she hears someone say Fish, that's what you'll hear - ISH ISH ISH! Is she too young to get a little beta fish for Christmas? Brian and I are seriously considering it.
Ham and roasted sweet potato - she is digging all the holiday grub.
Balloons! Or as Iris calls them, "boouun"

Her mama is disliking this attitude that has shown up. Little miss independent has little patience - when she wants something, she wants it NOW. Wonder who she gets that from?
She startles easily, like when someone comes to the door, or she hears a noise that might be getting too close for comfort, she'll scramble to safety behind furniture or into mommy and daddy's arms.

She is still a great eater and loves trying whatever mommy and daddy are eating.
Her doc suggested starting to make the switch from formula to milk. We tried whole milk - and it seems to be too rich for her little tummy. After reading up on the subject a bit - I'm more inclined to offer her almond milk and see how that goes. We're hoping that goes over well, buying formula is $PENDY!
She has a sweet tooth like her mommy, and she loves ice cream/frozen yogurt!

 Spoiled rotten!
So many wonderful gifts!

 She knew exactly what to do with that cupcake!

Sleeping/General Schedule:
Miracle of all miracles, it appears Iris' sleep schedule might finally be getting into a manageable rhythm!
We still shoot for two naps during the day, which isn't always the case. Her morning nap is still great, 2-3 hours long, and the afternoon nap - if she gets one - is significantly shorter. Usually just an hour or so. If she doesn't get that afternoon nap, you can tell. She generally is not a cranky baby, but without that afternoon nap, the crank-o-potomus emerges about 7pm.
She spends most of her days during the week with Grandma Jill, and we are so thankful for all the help we get from our family and friends!
Some night she gets a bath, which she LOVES. Other nights we play after dinner - it's been too cold for walks lately.
She's asleep generally by 10pm and will usually sleep 5 or 6 hours before she wakes up enough for a bottle, and then will go back to sleep.
She wakes up for the day generally around 8-8:30am - but it all depends on how the night went!
Mommy and daddy are loving a little more sleep these days!

Motor Skills:
She still prefers crawling on her own to anything else, but she is spending a lot more time on her feet - cruising between her stand up toys and the furniture and the dog.
She's also letting us help her walk more, where we hold her hands and shuffle behind her as she HIGH STEPS across the room. It's hilarious, she takes these huge toy soldier type steps or weaves like a drunken sailor - slow down baby girl, you'll get it soon enough!
She enjoys twerking dancing to music - she bobs and shakes her head whenever she hears any and even sometimes belts out in song!
She enjoys feeding herself with her big girl spoon, and although half of whatever is on the spoon gets into her lap instead of her mouth, she thinks she's pretty hot stuff.

Thank you Auntie Bethany for all of the fun pictures!
(ALL the photos, yes there are more, can be seen via Facebook.)
She is talking up a storm. Mostly her cute, mysteriuos baby chatter, but she definitely throws some real words in there.
New words include: Toop (Trooper); Dun (all done); amm (Ham) and countless more!
She is starting to repeat a lot of what she hears, so be careful what you say around little miss smarty pants!
She counts to TEN - well she listens to you count from one to ten, then she just yells "THEN!"
She does this thing where she uses the pointer finger on one hand and pokes the palm of her other hand - not sure where/why/how she developed this - but we've determined she does this whenever she wants something. It's the equivalent of "I want...."
She is learning the signs for please and thank you...which is important to me because this girl is getting grabby.
If you ask her where something is, or anything else posed as a question, little smarty pants will raise her eyebrows, cock her head, lift her hands and make the cutest sound, like "I don't know!"
Everyday she surprises us with her knowledge and understanding!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you THANK YOU  thank you - to everyone who helped Iris celebrate her first birthday, and to all who have been such an encouragement to our little family this first year!
We couldn't have made it without all the love and support that has been,
and continues to be poured out on a daily basis.
Much love, and gratitude -
the McDonald family

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