Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Joyce Sisters Go to Mexico

Yes, Los Cabos technically counts as MEXICO.

Bethany - the international photographer - was hired to shoot a wedding in Cabo San Lucas, and who was the lucky girl asked to assist her?  MOI!

A sister trip to Mexico?? A few day of absolutely NO obligations (other than the day of wedding)?? A chance to brush up on my Espanol?? Yes please!!
We left early Friday morning, and I. was. a. wreck. Bethany wasn't sure if I was going to make it out of the house. This was to be my first extended trip away from my baby girl **SOB**! I was so worked up by the time we reached Mexico, I had a migraine that was making me nauseous. Ridic, I know.

Somehow, we made it through customs and into the airport lobby - exchanged some currency - got shook down by the drug/produce-sniffing canine (a banana, two apples and an orange made me the guilty American) - found our rental car - and made the drive safely, arriving to our room at the Worldmark Coral-Baja in San Jose del Cabo (thanks dad)!

I had just enough self control to be able to make the walk down to the beach to watch the turtle hatchlings be released back in to the wild.
Take-out from the resort restaurant for dinner and then BED rounded out the day for this party animal.

Day Two :: Saturday
We headed further south down to Cabo San Lucas for the wedding. I was feeling MUCH better (after a decent nights sleep), thank you.
We had to be at the wedding location by noon to starts pictures, but we headed out extra early to account for the driving experience and any other issues that might arise.
We found the Hotel Riu Palace fairly easily, and PALACE it was!
We were stopped at the front gate by the security guards, asking to see our bracelets?? Which we didn't have, not had any idea we needed. After going back a forth a bit - we were able to relay the fact we were guests at a wedding that was happening there that day, he let us through and we were supposed to buy these day pass bracelets after checking in with the front desk.
Long story short - there was some miscommunications to say the least -
we drove back into town to meet a friend of the bride who was supposed to get us these magical bracelets, he only had one "good" one, the second bracelet was ripped into peices-
ANYWAY, we got by the guards again and made our way into the bowels of the Palace in time for the pre-wedding shoot.

It was a long, hard day of work, in the hot sun. . .
But it was a beautiful setting and a lot of fun to see my little sis in action! 

Day 3 :: Sunday
A day of rest.
We weren't able to contact the locals where meeting was held - but we had a nice study together Sunday morning.
We ate a decent overpriced Brunch overlooking the ocean.
We layed out by the pool and swam...
and then I did this:

Yes. It hurt.
Yes. I was completely sober when this happened.
At this point, Bethany actually accused me of trying to sabotage my own vacation.
We laid low the rest of the day, which was nice after such a hectic day the day before.
That, and I had another headache.

Day 4 :: Monday
 The good thing about going through the hassle to obtain magic bracelets to an all-inclusive resort for a wedding... we still had these magic bracelets two days later!

Needless to say (with the bride and groom's approval), we headed back to Cabo and spent the entire day enjoying the luxuries of the Hotel Rui Palace.
Day 5:: Tuesday
I don't think we got any pictures, but it was now time to head home.
We woke up and finished off our local orange juice and other random groceries for breakfast.
We walked the 1/2 mile or so down the beach from our hotel- to where it was safe for an ocean swim.
We spent some time in the water, reflecting on our trip and looked forward to heading back home.

Thank you for an amazing sister trip!
Thank you for appreciating me.
Thank you for the opportunity to reconnect with my sister.
Thank you for helping me to take time for me.
Thank you for helping me to be a better wife.
Thank you for helping me to be better mama.
Thank you for talking to me about spiritual things.
Thank you for the adventure.
Thank you for the laughs.
Thank you for your love.
Thank you.
 Best sister trip yet, and I can’t wait for the next!

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Bethany Raelene said...

No, thank YOU! You're the BEST sister in the whole wide world. Love you the most!