Monday, October 14, 2013


Iris and I FLEW to Boise for the long weekend!

 My best good friend Amanda is having a baby soon and we headed over to attend her baby shower!
Getting to and from the airport was INTENSE, but we did it - and Iris was a great little flier!  Thank goodness the flight was short, less than two hours - entertaining an active infant/almost toddler in the space of a tiny airline seat is trickey! 
It was great to spend time with Amanda pre-baby and to swap all those fun pregnancy stories.

 The sweater I made for baby girl Pearcy

It was also special that we got to spend one night with Mari & Ted!
Back to the airport and home-sweet-home (after a short delay)!

Now when you ask Iris if she flew in an airplane, she'll raise her hand over her head and move it from right to left, in a "flying" motion - SO CUTE!

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