Sunday, September 29, 2013


Size 3 diapers
Size 2-3 feet!
9-12 month clothing (again for the needed length)
The cutest dimples!
Looking more like her daddy everyday.

She alternates seamlessly between mama's milk and formula, which we're grateful for.
Not a big breakfast eater lately, but makes up for it with lunch after her morning nap.
Loves to eat whatever mama and daddy are eating and prefers to drink her water out of a glass than her sippy cup.
Still eating just about everything we give her.

Stuffed animals: specifically, "teddy" from Gma Jill, and her "piggy" - a Scentsy Pig that reeks of baby powder, which she has recently fixated on.
Her Aden and Anais blankies.
Her sit-to-stand hand-me-down toy from Cousins Brenden and Logan.
Peekaboo! She will crawl back behind the coffee table and peek through the legs hoping to catch you eye.
Crawling as fast as she can from the living room to the bathroom, hoping you're following her.
Crawling through the dining room chairs - she is really in to testing limits with tight spaces these days.

Hairbands and hats - really baby girl, cooler weather is upon us and mama wants to knit you some fun beanies to wear!
Teething - two top front teeth are in, and it looks like more to come shortly!
Being told no. This girl can pitch. a. fit. Wishing it wasn't so impossible to rationalize with a ten month old.
Going to sleep. Your eyes are closed baby girl. Give. it. up!

Help. us.
We're in the sleep with your legs tucked under/butt in the air stage.

Motor Skills:
She would much rather be on her feet than crawling around these days - which has led to many a bump on the nogg'in.
She pulls herself up on whatever holds still enough for her to latch on to, including the dog - a random leg, etc.
If you hold both of her hands- she doesn't walk - she HOPS. So much energy, this little one!
Continues to prefer to feed herself.

It's amazing at such a young age that kids are SO stinking smart!
Signing "milk" and "all done"; Responds appropriately, to "put that food in your mouth," "yucky, please give that to mama/daddy," "come here,""splish splash - bath time," "can I have kisses," "can you give piggy kisses," etc. There lots of kisses going on...
Responds appropriately to, "Where's Trooper/Mama/Daddy/Grandma, etc."
Starting to repeat a few words: "nana" = banana and "num num" = yummy
Will toot and then look at you to make sure you heard it too, and then will chuckle about it. She knows when you toot too.

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