Thursday, August 29, 2013

Iris @ 39 Weeks


We spent the last couple of weeks going back and forth out to a church convention,
most of these pictures are from while we were there.
Once we figured out a nap schedule, Iris did pretty well!
weight: - carrying the car seat around, ugh, my back is feeling it!
clothing: Size 9-12 month
shoes: size FOUR!?! I can't quite figure out the shoe sizing at this age anyway.
diapers: size 3
Only two teeth still - others HAVE to be showing up soon, poor girl!
BLUE blue eyes - I think she gets a compliment at least once a day about her pretty eyes.
Fine, reddish blond hair - at least you can tell she has hair now.
Dimples - the cutest!
Are those ears sticking out, just a little bit? :)

New: Spitting or stttthhhhbitting. Especially while she's eating- not fun. And also when she is having a fit, really not fun.
Fearless! Guess she hasn't bonked her head enough yet to know better, we gotta keep a close eye on this little daredevil!
Waving BYE-BYE at the appropriate times.
Being shy. Could just be a gimmick to get more attention.

Nutella. My bad.
Torturing poor Trooper, she goes right for his ears and or lips. He is so patient!
Her Mama. Much to the chagrin of her papa, she's become quite the mama's girl.
Playing Peek-A-Boo with her blanket.
Leaves. She loves the texture and the sounds they make when she crunches them to tiny pieces.
Plastic water bottles - again with the noise and the texture.

Going to sleep. Why must you fight it so baby girl?!
Hair bands and hats. Hopefully she'll allow hats again come winter time!
Diaper changes - really?! Please hold still!
Getting dressed. Apparently this girl would prefer more nekkid time.
Getting put into her car seat. She used to not mind at all - I think now she realizes it lulls her to sleep so, of course, she fights it.

Like her parents, little Miss is a good eater - not so much in the mornings after she first wakes up, but once she gets going, she is ready to eat!
She still nurses when she wakes up, if I'm still home - then of course when I get home from work and before bed. I'll nurse her as much as possible over the weekends as well. However....
We bought our first jug of formula... much to mama's dismay. I just can't keep up with the pumping anymore. So after a few tears (mine) and packing my pride away - here goes!

Still SPORADIC. Ugh. This mama and daddy are ready for a better sleep schedule... I think it's time to revisit our sleep strategy.

Motor Skills:
Talk about coordinated! She already appears to be more graceful than her mama.
From laying - to sitting - to crawling - to standing - back to sitting. She's a well-oiled machine that doesn't stop moving.
She loves textures and will tend to turn things over in her hands multiple times before deciding if it's going in her mouth or discarding it.

Don't the pictures say it all? We are so lucky to have such a happy little girl!
She jabbers almost constantly at home and in the car (when she's not fussing in the car), but she quiets down a bit while we're out and about. Unless she decides she has something to say, then look out! :)
She understands and responds to, "Where's Trooper?"; "come here" (with the sign); "Do you want some numnums/milk" (with the sign for milk). . . and a few other things I'm forgetting.
She says dada and mama all the time, but I still don't think think there's a direct correlation yet.
She will hold her hand out when she wants up, or crawl/climb over to you and pull herself up.
She will clamp her mouth shut or start fussing when she is all done eating and you try to give her more. We're working on the sign for "all done."

Love this little one SO MUCH!
She is growing up too fast!

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