Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cow Camp 2013

Iris' first Cow Camp = SUCCESS!
Even though we weren't able to stay for the full time,
the few days we did get were wonderful!
Grandma Lisa was so happy to see Iris US!
We weren't even there a few hours and Brian was already slaying the brookies!
These would be the first of many!

(Second) Cousins!

The joys of sleeping in a tuna can...little miss gots lots of snuggle time in!

Playing on the dock with daddy.

Bath time at camp!

Such a cutie - all cleaned up!
She loved everything about being outside all day!

Checking the wood duck boxes

The BIG haul!
The 13 incher below is one of the biggest brookies
we've seen come out of the creek in quite a while!

The Cousins playing around camp.
There was lots of silliness to be sure!

Wearing our Montgomery Brigade volunteer shirts

Our one, and only trip to the lake this year...right before we headed home!
Good thing Iris woke up to enjoy it!

The water was a little cold for her liking -
she'd much rather just crawl all over daddy!

We had a wonderful couple of days and, of course, we can't wait until next year!
There are so many memories to be made! 

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