Wednesday, May 29, 2013


We're Iris is half way to a year old already!!
My baby girl is SIX months old!

6-9 month clothing
Am I really going to have a blue-eyed, slightly red-headed child??
Length: 27.26 inches (92%)
Weight:15 lbs. 46 oz. (35%)
Head Circumference: 17 inches (75th%)

Stink-face (see above);
Pausing while she's nursing to check out where the heck that milk is coming from. Highly entertaining;
La-la-la sounds;
Throwing toys on the floor when she is "done;"
Sitting on her own;
Pulling herself to standing while holding onto mommy or daddy's fingers;
Big people poos. Yuck.

mama's milk
water from her sippy cup or out of the glass you're drinking from
peaches - too sour?
sweet meat squash - she LOVES grandpapa's squash!
Blueberry YoBaby yogurt, although I don't think she really digs how tart it is, she still eats it.
Applesauce? Peas? She's still not sure about these ones.
Sucking on pickles?? This girl is hilarious.
She will try anything! Edemame - noodles - soggy croutons... you name it, she's game to try it!
(No teeth yet, but maybe this sporadic sleep means one or two are on their way out?)

Her sippy cup! She absolutely freaks out when she sees it and we have to keep it hidden unless absolutely necessary!
Eating up at the table like a big girl in her new high chair!
Reading - whatever with whoever - just read!
Her squishy bath tub toys!
Chewing on her pacifiers.
Sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's bed.  :P

Being interrupted while nursing, girl needs it quiet while she is eating!
Being carried too far away from mommy and daddy.
Getting put into and taken out of her car seat.

Sporadic to say the least. Sometimes she's only up once a night, other nights we're up and down all. night. long.
Still napping pretty well in the morning. Afternoon naps are iffy.
This girl cannot stay awake in her car seat, which affects nap times, etc.
Much to her mommy's dismay, she loves having a blanket up next to her face while she sleeps-you're giving me a heart attack girl!

Motor Skills:
Roll'n roll'n roll'n
Sitting up like a champ!
Inch worming, sometimes backwards - she can't be trying to crawl already, can she?!
Pulling herself up to standing while just holding onto your fingers! She is a strong little thing!
Appears to be attempting to wave "bye-bye," but it comes off more as a Hitler salute at the moment, we're working on that.

This girl is already a GO GETTER! She hardly sits still, she wants to see/know everything already - I can only imagine how exhausted we're going to be once she's mobile!
(Can we get any more exhausted than we already are?!)
She has quite the quick temper (wonder where she gets that) but has an even quicker smile.
Grunts for "more," grunts when she's "all done," grunts when she is bored...there's a lot of grunting right now.
Jabbers and chats a lot, happy chatter, serious chatter and mad chatter.
Still not a big crier, but is a skilled whiner. . . Not our favorite noise.
She quiets down and rubs her eyes/grabs her ears when tired. This is especially humorous when it happens during meals.
Overall, Iris is still a generally happy baby and each day with her is more precious than the last!

Six month photos courtesy of: (Auntie) Bethany Raelene Studio

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